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FAO Holds Online Working Meeting with Counterparts from ASEAN Friendship Provinces

2021-05-19 17:23
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In a follow-up to the ASEAN-Fujian Friendship Provinces/Cities Conference held in last September, Fujian Provincial Foreign Affairs Office hosted an online working meeting with  the ASEAN friendship provinces liaison officers on May 17. Representatives in charge of friendship provinces affairs in multiple ASEAN countries, such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines, joined in the discussion on furthering cooperation and exchanges between friendship provinces/cities from both sides.


In his address to the meeting, Mr. Chen Chuxin, Deputy Director General of Fujian Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, reviewed and applauded the efforts made by both sides in implementing the outcomes of the ASEAN-Fujian Friendship Provinces/Cities Conference and ramping up mutual exchanges and cooperation. He noted that as this year marks the 30th anniversary of China-ASEAN dialogue relations, Fujian stands ready to beef up friendly exchanges with ASEAN countries and share development opportunities. Proposals of 10 cooperation programs for this year, including an online youth forum, a Fujian discovery trip for ASEAN students in Fujian were introduced to the ASEAN participants.



Representatives from ASEAN friendship provinces briefed participants on their local epidemic control and social-economic recovery. They commended China’s contributions to the global fight against Covid-19, and shared their insights in promoting local exchanges and cooperation with Fujian.


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