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Fujian and Antioquia Share Experience on Covid-19 Response

2021-04-30 18:30
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Fujian and Antioquia shared epidemic control experience via video link on April 27. Officials from the foreign affairs, economic development and health departments as well as medical experts of both sides attended the event.


In her speech, Huang Shaorong, Deputy Director General of Fujain Provincial Foreign Affairs Office expressed Fujian’s readiness to strengthen medical cooperation with Antioquia and provided assistance for its fight against Covid-19, as part of the efforts to implement President Xi Jinping’s vision of a community with a shared future for humanity. Medical experts from Fujian introduced the experience and practice on variant monitoring, surveillance of population immunity, control measures in rural area and vaccination measures, and took questions on how to take precaution measures, restrict large-scale movement of population, carry out NAT screening and roll out vaccination programs.


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