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Deputy Secretary Luo Dongchuan Meets with Diplomatic Envoys Attending the Digital China Summit

source: wb.fujian.gov.cn 2022-07-26 17:44
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On July 23, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee Luo Dongchuan met with a delegation of 21 diplomats attending the fifth Digital China Summit, which included Jordanian Ambassador to China Hussam Al Husseini, Algerian Ambassador to China Hassane Rabehi, and Venezuelan Ambassador to China Giuseppe Yoffreda Yorio.


Deputy Secretary Luo welcomed the delegation on behalf of the provincial Party committee and government. He said, Fujian Province has been following the blueprint of Digital Fujian outlined by President Xi Jinping over the years, delivering significant outcomes. The province will stay committed to the new development philosophy, keep improving its business environment, deepen exchanges with other countries, and promote practical cooperation in areas such as digital economy.


On behalf of the visiting delegation, Ambassador Hussam Al Husseini said that Fujian has played an important role in China’s opening up, and President Xi Jinping laid the foundation for Fujian’s development during his tenure here. He believed Fujian will enjoy sustained prosperity and progress. Digital economy represents the future, and Jordan and relevant countries will continue to deepen friendly exchanges and cooperation with Fujian in digital economy and other areas.


Representatives from relevant departments of Fujian and the CETC International also attended the meeting.



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