Ningde UNESCO Global Geopark

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Celebrating Earth Heritage

The Ningde UNESCO Global Geopark is located in Ningde Municipality, northeast of Fujian Province, China, composed of Baishuiyang, Taimushan and Baiyunshan three scenic areas.


The UNESCO Global Geopark is situated in the coastal area of southeastern China, sitting in the middle portion of the Mesozoic Southeast China igneous zone which is an important component of the Pacific volcanic rim. It is a typical area of the active continental marginal zone in the circum-Pacific belt. The Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous dacitic-rhyolitic igneous rocks are widespread in the UNESCO Global Geopark. The structure is dominated by NE-extending faults accompanied by NW- and NEE-extending ones. The Ningde UNESCO Global Geopark is an integration of various landforms such as miarolite landform, volcanic landform, erosion riverbed landform, and erosion coastal landform.


The miarolitic granite peak cluster and stone egg landform in the Taimushan Scenic Area is the best one of its type in the coastal areas of southeastern China. The shallow water square in Baishuiyang Scenic Area is in fact an extremely rarely seen bedrock-formed flat riverbed. River erosion-produced micro-landforms are preserved systematically and completely in Baiyunshan Scenic Area.



Sustaining local Communities

To work out a scientific popularization plan, the UNESCO Global Geopark promotes the various activities of education and popularization of science every year. The UNESCO Global Geopark invites geologists to the schools around the UNESCO Global Geopark to give geo-science lectures. About 2,000 pupils attended the lectures over the last five years. On the occasion of the active days, such as “the World Earth Day” and “National Popular Science Day”, the UNESCO Global Geopark always promotes geosciences week activities in community service. The committee of the UNESCO Global Geopark has established a long-term cooperation with the geological surveys, universities and other GGN members in China, to carry out scientific research projects and set up the related scientific practice bases for scientific researches of the under-graduate and postgraduate students.


The UNESCO Global Geopark territory has an opportunity to develop the accommodation, catering, travel and shopping business, which not only develops the local tourism products, but also promotes the economic development in the UNESCO Global Geopark and surrounding area.


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