Chenjinggu Cultural Resort in Cangshan, Fuzhou

Source:Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau Time:2014-08-27 word size:T | T

  Sponsor: Travel Bureau of Cangshan District.

  Location of the Project: Longtanjiao, Shangdu, Cangshan District.

  Construction Reasons and Facilities: the culture of Chen Jinggu has a long history. Chen Jinggu was ready to help others for a just cause and was regarded as "guardian spirit of women and children" after her death. There are millions of followers of Chen Jinggu both in China and overseas. Cangshan, as the birth place and main activity area of Chen Jinggu, has lots of historic vestiges.

  Construction Scale and Briefing:

  to reconstruct large temple group of Chen Jinggu and supporting affiliated facilities; to make a big sculpture of Linshui Goddess; to plant in the garden around the temples and to build up health tourist area.

  Total Investment : USD 15 million.

  Form of Investment: joint venture or solely foreign funded.

  Analysis on Economic Returns:

  Initial Progress of the Work:Chen Jinggu Cultural Research Association has been set up and Site in Longtanjiao where Chen Jinggu Prayed for Rain has been mended.

  Contact Person: Ye Xiaoyu

  Contact Number: 0591-83474533

  Fax: 0591-83471599