Integrated Development of Baitu Ecological Holiday Resort, Taining, Sanming

Source:Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau Time:2014-08-28 word size:T | T

  Project Sponsor:Economic Development Bureau of Taining Jinhu Lake Management Committee

  Project Site:Jinhu Lake Tourist Economic Development Zone

  In Charge of the Project:

  Person in Charge of the Project: Zai Quan;

  Tel: 0598-7838253, 13365065600

  Reasons and Conditions for Construction:

  Baitu Ecological Holiday Resort is located in the golden sector of Jinhu Lake Tourism Development District, which is 4 km to Jinhu Lake resort and the traffic is convenient. Jinhu Lake Scenic Area covers an area of 140 sq km, integrated with the immense lake and colorful red sandstone landscape perfectly, getting the title of National Park in 1994, National AAAA degree Tourism Area by China National Tourism Administraion in 2000, and World Geographic Park by the Science and Culture Organization of UN. in 2005. The area of Baitu ecological holiday resort is 1.5 sq km, and it has mountains behind and water nearby, close to the famous scenic spots, regarded as an idle place to construct ecological comprehensive project.

  Constructive Scale and Contents:

  The project is to cover an area of 1.5 sq km, constructing healthy amusement section, holiday villa section, experience section, orchard section, service center and infrastructure.

  Total Investment on the Project:15million US Dollars

  Mode of Investment: Sole proprietorship

  Economic Benefit Analysis: The estimated visitors will be 100 thousand person-times per year. If RMB500 will be spent for every person-time, the investment recovery period is to be 5 years.

  Progress of Preliminary Work:The plan of the project has been completed.