You Quan visits rural residents Author:Wang Yifei Time:2014-01-28 word size:T | T

You Quan, secretary of the CPC Fujian provincial committee, visited residents of Yangyuan village, Zhenghe county, Fujian province, on Jan 25, to express wishes for the Chinese New Year.

You Quan, secretary of CPC Fujian provincial committee, visited residents in Yangyuan village, Zhenghe county, Fujian province on Jan 25. [Photo by Zhang Yongding]

He stopped by the home of Zhang Mingjia, a veteran, who thanked You for his concern. The official said he was happy to see that Zhang was in good health and asked whether he had any significant problems. “Veterans made a great sacrifice and contribution to the country, and the government will never forget the veterans, “ said You.

He also visited Zhang Qinsong, who lost his ability to work following a car accident, and You asked local officials to continue assisting Zhang.

You’s visit included a meeting with the local authorities, and he told the officials to do their best to help local people increase their income, and to develop industries suitable for each village. He also asked them to implement the policies launched by the central and provincial governments, which benefit residents.

Ye Shuangyu, member of the standing committee of CPC Fujian committee, also took part in the visit.