Fujian exports hit a record high

Source:chinadaily.com.cn Time:2014-01-25 word size:T | T

Fujian province's business conference opened in the capital city of Fuzhou, on Jan 22, with Zheng Xiaosong, deputy provincial governor, addressing the gathering, DNKB.com has reported, and explaining the progress they have made.

Fujian's import and export value grew 8.6 percent year-on-year, during the year of 2013, amounting to $169.35 billion, with exports going over the $100-billion for the first time, to $106.5 billion, and imports growing 8.2 percent, to $62.85 billion.

Fujian approved 840 foreign investment projects, in 2013, and had $6.68 billion in foreign investment in use, while trade with Taiwan increased 7.4 percent for the same period. Trade volume this year is expected to grow by 7 percent, foreign investment in use, by 5 percent.